How are my petals turned into jewelry? 

When we receive your flowers they are photographed, cataloged and freeze dried for premium color retention. Once your petals have dried, they are turned into a malleable paste, using our exclusive technique. Then, our team of artists mix colors to create swirled or marbleized beads into one of a kind works of art. At this stage, we begin to carefully insert your petals into your selection of sterling silver, fine silver or 14 kt gold setting that you selected. The piece is then fired, sanded and protected by a glass-like finish for durability.


Can you use my dried petals? I have dried flowers from an event that took place a while ago. Can you still use them to make jewelry?

Yes we can use recently dried petals or petals you have saved for years. We will need you input on the original color so we can match your beads as close to the original color as possible. Some customers choose not to enhance the color their dried petals, resulting in a lovely sepia color. You can send petals that are completely dry via priority mail in a small plastic bag. Remember no plastic for fresh flowers!


Can you use ashes to make my jewelry?

Yes, we can use ashes along with your flowers petals.  If you don’t have flowers to send we can use our flowers for color. If you prefer the natural color, the ashes will determine the color of your finished jewelry.  2-3 teaspoons are required. We return un-used ashes. 


I can't decide on what I want? 

If you have not made a decision yet, you can purchase a $100 deposit (non-refundable) to start your flower petal preservation.  Deposit will be deducted from from your final order*


How should I send fresh flowers to you? CLICK HERE


Can you use flowers that have been placed in a freezer?

We CANNOT use flowers that have been frozen. Freezing flowers is not the same as the freeze drying process we use on location.


How long will it take for you to make my jewelry?

We take pride in the creation of each and every one of our custom designs. Quality is of the utmost importance at Bellabeads. Each piece is hand-crafted by one of our expert designers, taking between 6-8 weeks to complete. If you need your keepsake by a specific date, please contact us so we can make arrangements to try to accommodate your request. Please note during the Holiday Season, due to higher demand, our production time may increase and we may require a rush fee to guarantee specific date delivery.


How many flowers does it take to make jewelry?

This does depend on the style jewelry you select.
~Pandora-style beads require 2-3 petals.
~Bracelets require one full bloom, more if your flowers and/or petals are small.
~Small pendants require 2-3 petals, medium 5-6, and larger pendants 12-15 petals. Each listing specifies how many petals you need. Please refer to the listing to find out exactly how many your piece requires. If you have flowers with smaller petals, such as hydrangea, mum, monkshood, etc., we will need more petals than the specification. The average petal requirement is based on the size of an average rose petal. We do not return any un-used petals. We do keep them up to 6 months for any re-orders. Greenery, stems and full blooms are encouraged.


How do I take care of my jewelry once I receive it?

Every order comes with a care card. If you lose your care card, please follow these instructions:

~ Do not immerse in liquid of any kind or use cleaners. 
~ Remove jewelry prior to bathing.
~ Do not spray perfume directly on the beads. 
~ Clean by simply rubbing with a soft cloth. 


What happens if I damage my Bellabeads jewelry?

We are happy to repair any jewelry that has a problem within the first six months of purchase. Quality and longevity are very important to all the designers at Bellabeads.

Damage due to improper care (ie: submersion in liquids) may require additional cost to repair. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your jewelry! 


If you have further questions please do not hesitate to call us.
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