EARRINGS - Flower Petal & Cremation Jewelry

Memorial Earrings

We use handcrafted Bellabeads mounted on either sterling silver or gold finishes. On your choice of base, we perform the delicate task of forming your precious materials into beautiful, colorful earrings that you can wear any day of the year to remember your loved one or special moment.

Fresh Flower Memorial Earrings

Using state of the art techniques, combined with classic and elegant designs, our artisan jewelers can use your fresh flowers to create brilliant one of a kind earrings to wear or give as a special gift to a loved one.

Flower Restoration Memorial Earrings

If you have some flowers from a special event that are just sitting around withering, why not create something beautiful with them?  Our team has developed techniques that can recolor and restore older flower petals to their original splendor. 

Cremation Ash Memorial Earrings

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult parts of life.  We can add cremation ashes of your loved ones to a pair of memorial earrings so that their memory is preserved forever.

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