Simple Love Earrings

The color of your jewelry is determined by the color of your petals. We can combine up to three colors. The color you list here will be the main color featured in your bead. If you do not have petals, we can add any color at your request.
List the 2 colors you want swirled in here. If no color is specified our designers will choose for you. If you only want 1 color, leave this blank.
If needed, attach any pictures of pets, flower petals, color matches, etc.

Type: Earrings

Flower Petal Jewelry made with your memorial flowers. A thoughtful memorial gift idea. Remembrance Jewelry, Keepsake Jewelry, Memorial Beads. 

Description: Sterling Silver Open Heart with handmade bellabeads Earrings measure 32mm x 20mm

Colors: The color of your earrings will depend on the color of your flowers. We can combine up to three colors in one bead.
Materials: We can use your fresh petals from an event this week or dried petals from flowers you have saved for years. We can add ashes along with your flower petals. All other components are sterling silver.

Other information: These earrings require 5-6 petals to create (rose size is a good reference) If you have flowers with smaller petals such as hydrangea, mums, monkshood, etc., send a few more blooms.

If you are sending ashes, we need half teaspoon (ashes not used in your jewelry will be returned along with your completed order).  



Follow this link for mailing instructions.

Beads are made from your memorable occasion flower petals; weddings, memorial flowers, anniversary, mommy’s first flowers and any occasion worth remembering. After we receive your flowers they go through our drying process and are then crushed into small pieces and mixed with a color enhancing and hardening agent. They are hand rolled into beads that are then fired, cooled, sanded, buffed and sealed with a glass like finish. The results appear to be very delicate beads with tiny pieces of flowers peeking through; however, they are durable and forever lasting. Each bead is unique in appearance and cannot be duplicated. Your flower beads are transformed into wonderfully unique pieces of jewelry. Your memories can be worn every day to keep a special loved one or event close to heart!  

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