Styles of Preservation

Victorian pressed floral preservation

The delicate art of pressing flowers dates back to our Victorian ancestors. It was very fashionable among the ladies of that era to use pressed flowers in sending secretive messages of interest, affection and love. This gentle art evolved, producing modern drying techniques and color retention. Your pressed flowers will resemble a delicate painting destined to become precious family mementos or heirlooms to be enjoyed by generations.

Flower Petal Monograms

Monograms used to be thought of as a sign of royalty or aristocracy, as they were originally used as the signature of royalty. Using our exclusive technique and the simplicity of our designs; we create a personalized flower petal monogram imbued with beauty and grace. Your new initials or those of a loved one will become an emblem of your special memories.

Freeze dried floral preservation

The basic principle of freeze drying is a vacuum chamber that slowly extracts moisture from the flowers. Fresh flowers (must be in good condition) are flash frozen, then loaded into a freeze-drier and sealed for a period of 10 to 15 days. This process retains the original shape of the flower. Chemical enhancements are used to preserve the color of the flowers while minimizing environmental damage. The result…your flowers will retain their beauty as if frozen in time as a lasting memento.