Modern Pressed Flowers


The delicate art of pressing flowers dates back to our Victorian ancestors. It was very fashionable among the ladies of that era to use pressed flowers in sending secretive messages of interest, affection and love. This gentle art evolved, producing modern drying techniques and color retention. Your pressed flowers will resemble a delicate painting destined to become precious family mementos or heirlooms to be enjoyed by generations. Because shipping whole flowers is quite difficult, this service is only provided to our local South Carolina customers at this time. Call us to schedule your appointment. 803-779-6186

5x7 Pressed Design

5x7 resin pressed design

5x7 Real flower pressed design. Wedding flowers or funeral flowers

5x7 preservation of flowers. Funeral flowers or wedding

5x7 pressed funeral flowers

In this small 5x7 frame, an assortment of memorial flowers are showcased as a work of art. This Victorian inspired design is reminiscent of an oil painting and will display a singular flower or an assortment of memorial flowers, as shown here. You have an option to include a custom nameplate, a small prayer card and/or photograph. Finish your custom design by choosing from a large selection of frames and mats.   

8 x 10 Pressed Design 

8x10 Pressed daisy flower keepsake
8x10 Pressed Leaf
Pressed 8 x10 design with funeral flowers

11 x 14 Pressed Design 


11x14 pressed flower design
pressed flower design
Wedding Bouquet Preservation
11x14 pressed flower design
11 x 14 Pressed Hydrangeas



12 x 16 Pressed Design 

12x16 wedding bouquet preservation

12x16 Flower Preservation Wedding flowers dried

12x16 wedding flowers pressed

12x16 Pressed Wedding bouquet

12x16 pressed wedding flowers





12x16 pressed wedding flowers, roses and carnations


16 x 20 Pressed Design


 16x20 pressed flowers, wedding bouquet
wedding bouquet preservation 16x20

 16x 20 wedding bouquet flowers preserved                   


16 x 20 Pressed Wedding Bouquet