Meet The Team

Cristina Segarra 
Owner, Designer, Creator

Cristina Segarra started her creative journey over 25 years ago when she launched her first floral preservation business, Flowers Forever, in 1994. Clients from around the world trust Cristina to dry and preserve floral pieces from important days in their lives such as weddings, anniversaries, and births.

The success of Flowers Forever allowed Cristina to start a new division of the company, Bellabeads, which specializes in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces using mementos such as wedding flowers, honeymoon sand, pet fur, and ashes. Each earring, necklace, and ring tells a unique story in her customer’s life.

Cristina’s retail store on Rosewood Dr. has been a Columbia, South Carolina staple for over eighteen years, while her creativity and design skills have made her one of the leading custom jewelry designers in the country.

When she is not working on a new design, Cristina enjoys spending time with her husband, three grown daughters, and her beautiful grandson.





Front Office Assistant 

My role at Flowers Forever & Bellabeads is to assist in the front office, handling any customer service needs. I also begin the first step in getting your Forever order placed and started by processing your orders and receiving your flowers, ashes, etc when they come to us in the mail!





I am originally from Grand Haven, Michigan. I enjoy making art such as painting, drawing, and print making. At Flowers Forever, I preserve your flowers for jewelry, pressed, and freeze dried designs. I also assist with the beginning and final stages of jewelry formation.





 I am originally from Columbia, South Carolina. I am currently studying art education at a local college. Here at Flowers Forever & Bellbeads I work as a designer creating beautiful designs for all our wonderful customers.




Executive Assistant 

My role involves overseeing the production of goods, and/or provision of services. As acting Operations Manager, HR and Sales, it is my job to make sure our organization is running smoothly, while giving efficient and quality service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients. 




I recently earned my PhD in Educational Psychology and Research. I currently work as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Part-time I work at Flowers Forever making jewelry and assisting in preservation on all flowers. Most of all enjoying the wonderment that comes with being a father. 


CHLOE left us on 01/24/2019

We had to say goodbye to our sweet Chloe. For 10 years she brought so much love and laughter to our lives. We will miss you Chloesha, so very much. #rainbowbridge


Chichi left us on 06/06/2018

She will be missed. It will never be the same without her. She kept us all on our toes bossing us around all day. We love you sweet girl.

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