Meet The Team

Cristina and her daughters

Owner, Designer, Creator

I'm the proud mother of three daughters. I’m half Peruvian and half Polish. I’m fluent in Spanish. I have the perfect job; I play with flowers all day creating something new and different everyday. I love what I do…I hope you do too. 


Preservation Specialist, Designer

I deal with all the incoming flowers, handling all means of preservation. I'm also finishing my PhD. in cognitive neuroscience and enjoying the wonderment that comes with being a father. 


Assistant, Designer

I'm a Columbia native with a bachelor's degree in art who recently moved back from Portland. At Flowers Forever I assist in the process of making Bellabeads jewelry, as well as the preservation and arrangement of floral designs.



Assistant, Designer

I am originally from the Buffalo, NY area and have been living in Columbia for two years! With an educational background in communication and media arts, I have loved being able to assist and add to the creative process for all jewelry and floral design at Bellabeads.


   Executive Assistant

   My role involves overseeing the    production of goods, and/or provision of  services. As  acting Operations  Manager, HR and Sales, my job is to  make sure our organization is running as  well as it possibly can, while giving efficient  and quality service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients.


Shop Greeter

I have been living in the Columbia area for about four years now. Cristina hired me to greet the customers, and it's been the most fulfilling step in my career that I could have possibly imagined. 



I am a local girl of eleven years. My purpose at Flowers Forever is to keep the shop running smoothly. Though my good looks may make me appear delicate, I'm not afraid to bark orders when necessary.