CHARM BEADS- Flower Petal & Cremation Jewelry



Worry Stone

$74.95 USD

Memorial Beads

Our charm beads are all lovingly handmade with your own flower petals or the remains of a loved one for a truly unique work of art. Each bead is handcrafted to create a beautiful, custom design, full of personalized color and cherished memories.

What is the difference between Resin Beads and Custom Bellabeads?
- Resin Beads are durable and usually clear or translucent. We make them with your flower petals/ashes or other materials. Please be aware that when drying flowers there may be some change in color. Each bead is handmade and a few air bubbles can be trapped in the resin, however this makes it more of an original piece. No two are the same! 

- Custom Bellabeads are made with our custom compound. We add your flower petals/ashes or other materials to the compound. Color can be added to enhance the original colors. We then hand roll all beads, set into sterling silver or gold, hardened and then coated with a shiney non-waterproof seal.

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