Memorial Jewelry made from Flower Petals, Bradley Earrings

All memorial beads are handmade with your flower petals creating beautiful colors for your custom flower petal jewelry for yourself or as a memorial gift in memory of a loved one.

Description: These earrings have beautiful lines like tulips growing in a garden. The earrings measures 26 mm x 17 mm.

Colors:The color of your earrings will depend on the color of your flowers. We can combine up to three colors in one bead.

Materials: We can use your fresh petals from an event this week or dried petals from flowers you have saved for years. All components are sterling silver.

Other information: These earrings require 8-10 petals to create (rose size is a good reference) If you have flowers with smaller petals such as hydrangea, mums, monkshood, etc., send a few more blooms.

If you are sending ashes, we need ½ teaspoon (leftover ashes will be returned along with your completed order).

Matching pendant available.