Flower Petal Jewelry, Sun Catcher Attachment

Description: Turn any of our bracelets into a sun catcher with our rear view mirror attachment. Our sturdy sterling silver chain perfectly holds your bracelet in place until you are ready to wear it. (Shown are two examples of the Pearls and Grace Bracelet and the Clavelle Bracelet made into sun catchers.) 
This purchase also includes one of the charms shown. Please make your charm selection. This attachment is suitable for a lobster clasp closure only, not a toggle.
Charm Meanings:
Crown depicts power, victory, triumph, honor and glory. 
Butterfly symbolizes transformation, acceptance and faith.
A posy of daisies symbolizes cheerfulness, sincerity and innocence.
Palm tree and half moon it represents the state of South Carolina since 1775.
Fleur-de-lis in French, translated is "flower of the lily." It signifies perfection, light, and life.
Pink ribbon is the international symbol of breast cancer awareness.
Dogwood flowers among other meanings it represents durability, reliability, strength, resilience and purity.
Open heart means love, hope and goodwill that is found in each and everyone one of us.