Flower Petal Beads, The Hamilton Memorial Golf Ball Marker

The color of your jewelry is determined by the color of your petals. Please tell us the color of your petals. This will be the main color featured in your bead.
If you selected 2-3 colors, tell us the first accent color you would like. If no color is specified our designers will choose for you. If you selected 1 color, leave this blank.

Memorial golf ball marker made with funeral flowers. Turn your fresh flowers into memorial jewelry and dried petals into memorial gift ideas.

Description: The Hamilton Memorial Golf Ball Marker was inspired by a client and made with funeral flowers. The marker shown on this picture is made of red roses. The color of your marker will depend on the color of your flowers. We can infuse your flowers with color and turn your marker a solid color (not the color of the flowers, see options at checkout). The marker can be personalized with a hand stamped letter on a sterling silver round disc.

Color Options: Color option # 1- The color of your marker will depend on the color of your flowers.  We can use up to three colors from your flowers to marbleize your marker.
Color option # 2- We can infuse your flowers with color resulting in a golf ball marker that is a solid color. Select one color; navy blue, red, black, white or dark pink. (Some flower petals may be visible.)

Materials: We can use your fresh petals from an event this week or dried petals from flowers you have saved for years. All other components are sterling silver.

Other information: This golf ball marker requires 8-10 petals to create (rose size is a good reference) If you have flowers with smaller petals such as hydrangea, mums, monkshood, etc., send a few more blooms. 

*** If you purchase the INITIAL please make a note of your selection on the space provided ***


How many petals do I need to send?
Look at the description above under Other information. You will find how many petals we need to create this specific piece of jewelry.
Do I have to overnight my petals?
Only fresh petals. Dried petals can be send via regular mail.  
How do I package my petals and or ashes?
Click on this link Mailing Petals 
Will you let me know when you receive my petals?
Yes, we send an order confirmation email and estimated time of completion.
What kind of flowers can you use to make my jewelry?
All flowers do very well with the exception of succulents. Some filler flowers (baby's breath, caspia, etc.) cannot be used.  We can use leaves and greenery in our jewelry designs.
I have a lot of petals. I don’t know what colors will look good together?
On the Shipping Enclosure Form make a note to receive a phone call for color selection (provide a day-time phone number). You can also request “designer’s choice”; our designers will choose the best colors to compliment your jewelry selection.

For detailed answers click here FAQ's