Rosaries from Flowers

Flowers Forever has been in the flower preservation industry for over two decades. In 1994 Cristina Segarra, the current owner, began preserving bridal bouquets for local customers. Her dedication to quality and personal attention to each client allowed her to grow her customer base and hire a full staff. Now, with the addition of the Bellabeads division we are able to provide many different services for clients across the world.

One of our favorite types of jewelry to make is rosaries from flowers. These beautiful pieces are some of the most sentimental pieces and make perfect gifts. Using flowers from a first communion, we can create a custom, one-of-a-kind rosary that is just as beautiful and unique as the person who it is for. Take a look at our favorite rosary pieces.

Fresh Flower Rosary

If your child, niece/nephew, godchild, or anyone else you know just had a first communion, we can use the flowers from the service and create beautiful, vibrant rosaries using fresh flowers.

Flower Restoration Rosary

Do you have older flowers from a communion or other service sitting around? You can turn these into rosaries as well. Our team of skilled artisan jewelers has developed a technique to restore these flowers to their original glory.

If you have any questions about rosaries from flowers or would like to talk to one of our designers, feel free to email us at or call us at (888) 684-3837.