Pet Urn Necklace

Pets are vital parts of life for many of us. We harvest a great deal of love for our household pets as they spend more time with us, and soon enough they start to feel like a member of the family. Pet owners everywhere can agree that the love between human and animals is a bond like no other. Unfortunately, the lifespan of our furry friends isn’t quite as high as that of our human companions.

As we get older we realize how important memories are, and keepsakes are a great way to physically memorialize those in our life who have passed. Flowers Forever is a company in the business of memorial jewelry, made uniquely for each client through the use of ashes of the deceased. Our new line, pet memorial jewelry, is an exciting addition that is sure to appeal to animals lovers of all sorts.

Whether you are more interested in an ornate pet urn necklace or a simple dog bone pendant, we are here to meet your pet memorial jewelry needs. You can browse our current products here.

At Flowers Forever we staff only the best artisan jewelers who handcraft every piece, which guarantees uniqueness for each customer. We would be obliged to answer any questions and encourage you to contact us by phone at 888-684-3837.