Pet Urn Jewelry

When a loved one passes, it can be a really trying time. Between all of the heartache, we are also obligated to honor and commemorate their life. Whether it be with extravagant ceremonies, luxurious coffins, or ornate urns, we go out of our way to offer final meaningful gifts to our dearly departed.

Flowers Forever makes memorial jewelry and keepsakes that are highly personal. We can use the ashes of your deceased loved one to create a beautiful and customizable ring, bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings.

Memorial jewelry is highly desirable not only for honoring deceased people, but for your deceased pets as well. We love the idea of remembering and honoring our deceased pets, because we understand how precious the bond between pet and owner is. People have been buying urns for their cremated pets for a while now, but pet urn jewelry is a field that Flowers Forever is committed to thriving in.  You can browse the collection of pet memorial jewelry here.

We have been in the business of memorial jewelry for 20 years now and we can guarantee your satisfaction with our highly customizable and personalized product. Please call us with any questions at 888-684-3837.