Pet Memorial Gifts

Losing a pet is a terrible thing for someone to go through. Watching a friend suffer through their loss isn’t fun, and we’re often compelled to try to help them through it as best we can.

When choosing a gift for someone suffering from loss, it’s extremely important that the gift be respectful and meaningful. Appropriate pet memorial gifts can be hard to come by, but our jewelry line is trying to change that. Since 1994, Flowers Forever has been creating the highest quality of handmade jewelry and combining that with a unique touch of personalization. We are excited to say that we have now expanded our memorial jewelry line to include deceased pets.

Our pet memorial jewelry can be made using ashes or hair from the deceased animal, and we can even match the design to a specific shade of fur. (Don’t worry, a photo will suffice if there is no fur available.) You can browse the collection here.

At Flowers Forever, we agree that pets deserve to be remembered, too. Our line of pet memorial jewelry is a keepsake piece that you can wear, literally, close to your heart.

When choosing your pet memorial gift, we hope that you will choose the jewelry line that has mastered the art of memorial keepsakes. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at  888-684-3837.