Paw Print Urn Necklace

When a loved one passes, we like to honor them as best we can. Grave site ceremonies, large tombstones, and beautiful urns are all examples of ways we commemorate the deceased. At Flowers Forever, we have taken this idea a step further. We have been creating custom memorial jewelry pieces, so that you can wear your dearly departed close to the heart.

As a business that started 20 years ago with just one person and now thrives as a fully-staffed company, our reputation speaks for itself. Our most popular pieces are made from  flower petals or ashes that you send us in the mail, which ensures a 100% authentic and highly personalized product.

Another reason that Flowers Forever stands alone is that we offer our memorial keepsakes for your deceased pets as well. Are you are thinking of a dog bone silver pendant? Or maybe a paw print urn necklace? The Flowers Forever creative team is constantly working on designs. You can browse our current collection of pet memorial jewelry here.

We understand the vital role that animals play in our life. We treat our pets as family and when a family member's’ life comes to an end, we wish to honor them accordingly. Whether it be a commemorative for a member of your own family, or a gift to a mourning friend, we hope that you choose Flowers Forever for your memorial keepsake needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 888-684-3837.