Paw Print Cremation Jewelry

Losing loved ones is one of the most difficult parts of life. It’s tough realizing that someone is really gone, and we are forced to work through that void in our life. Any animal owner would agree that this same idea runs true for household pets.

Pets become our best friend, our silent therapist, or our exercise buddy in the blink of an eye. They are irreplaceable parts of a home and when they leave it can definitely feel overwhelming. This is why Flowers Forever is expanding our memorial jewelry line to pets.

A paw print, dog bone, or simple urn pendant are all types of design ideas that could make their way into our line of pet cremation jewelry. Flowers Forever has jewelry options ranging from rings to earrings and charm bracelets. Our artisans handcraft everything, guaranteeing a unique product for each customer. After an interested client decides on a design, they will send us a portion of ashes, and we take care of everything from there. Our current collection of pet memorial jewelry is viewable here.

Flowers Forever has been making memorial keepsakes since 1994. We believe in a highly personal and genuine product, which is a service we’ve upholded since the beginning. We are happy to answer any questions by phone at 888-684-3837.