Memorial Necklace

The best parts of life are the special occasions that you get to share with the people closest to you.  Unfortunately, we all know how quickly these times fly by.  Holding onto these memories is important because they provide us with comfort when we’re away from home and give us hope for a bright future full of good times to be had.

At Flowers Forever, we don’t just make jewelry, we preserve memories.  Flowers Forever was started over 20 years ago by the current owner Cristina Segarra as a small flower preservation business.  Her personal touch when interacting with her customers, along with her artistic vision and attention to detail have allowed the business to grow over the past two decades.  With the addition of Bellabeads, we now have a fully-staffed store and a team of 5 highly skilled artisan jewelers that create beautiful memorial jewelry.

Each one of our memorial necklaces is a unique and one of a kind treasure.  We use your flower petals from your wedding day, holy communion, graduation, anniversary, father’s/mother’s day, birthday, memorial, funeral, bar/bat mitzvah, baptism, quinceañera, or any other special occasion and create a customized necklace that you can wear forever, or give as a gift to a loved one.

Fresh Flower Memorial Necklace

Fresh flower memorial necklaces are one of our most popular products.  They are a perfect way to capture a moment in time, and wear it right over your heart.  They make some of the romantic gifts for anniversaries!

Flower Restoration Memorial Necklace

Have you been holding onto flowers for days, weeks, months, or even years and don’t know what to do with them?  Our team uses modern techniques to restore and recolor your old flowers and turn them into stunning brand new necklaces.

Cremation Ash Memorial Necklace

The loss of a loved one creates a void that we can only replace with memories of a shared lifetime with your dearly departed.  We can use cremation ashes to create lovely mementos of a beautiful life that you can keep close to your heart wherever you go.