How to Select Your Petals

How to Select Your Petals to Send

We only need your flower petals. No stems or foliage, please. Each product listing on the website will tell you how many petals are required to create keepsake you purchased. Below is a listing for some of our most popular items. If you’re unsure, please check your specific product listing. Petal estimates are based on the average sized flower petal, like ones you would find on a fully-bloomed rose. You may need to send more or less based on the variety you are sending for your piece.

  • Pandora style beads require 2-3 petals per bead.
  • Bracelets require 1 medium sized flower to create. Again, if you have smaller flowers and/or flowers with small petals, please send at least 2-3 full blooms.
  • Pendants range in size and require anywhere between 2 - 15 petals to create. Check your specific product listing to be sure.

TIP: If you are sending a flower with small petals, such as hydrangea, monkshood, mums, etc., send more petals than listed above or on your product listing, to be safe.