How to Dry Flower Petals

This article gives some advice on DIY flower drying methods that will give you petals that you can repurpose in a variety of arts and crafts. If you’re looking to preserve a wedding bouquet, or any other collection of flowers from a significant event, we suggest looking at the different professional flower preservation services we offer. If you have questions about our flower preservation process, please see our FAQ page or our Care and Delivery Page.

For those who are looking to do something creative with the flowers from their garden, or flowers that are on their last legs in the vase, here are a couple methods that people commonly use to dry flowers. These methods will not hold up for years like our professional freeze dried technique, but they are a great way to have some fun, be creative and make some beautiful arts and crafts that you can use in your own home or give as gifts to friends and family!

Air Dry

Remove the stems about an inch below the blossom. Lay them in a single layer, so that none are touching, across a window screen or a baking sheet tray with a wire rack over it. These will provide sufficient air circulation. Put them in a warm, dark place for 10-20 days, or until ALL moisture has evaporated.


Place the flowers in a single layer so that no petals are touching. If you are planning on making potpourri, you can include fruit peels/slices as well so that scents begin blending. Otherwise, make sure that there are no other food particles in the dehydrator so that the flowers don’t pick up any unwanted scents. Follow the directions for your dehydrator, but typically you will put them in on the lowest setting.

Desiccants/Silica Gel

You should be able to find a number of desiccants/gels at your local crafts store or online. Depending on the flower and the substance you’re using, the timing will vary, so be careful to read the instructions carefully. This method is one of the most difficult, but can yield some amazing results and preserve the color/shape of your flowers better than others.


Microwave drying is very hit or miss depending on your machine and the type of flower. Place your flowers on a paper towel, spread apart so none are touching and microwave on medium-high for one minute. If the petals are still moist, change the paper towel and repeat the process until they are completely dried, letting them rest for about 5-10 minutes between cooking sessions. Then allow them to return to room temperature.

For any questions about how to dry flower petals, or about our professional freeze-dried flower preservation services, contact us at Flowers Forever/Bellabeads today at (888) 684-3837.