Hope for the Bereaved

After the emotional turmoil that follows losing someone we love, it is hard to find a way to pick yourself back up and move forward with your life. Flowers Forever is here to provide hope for the bereaved. Our team has developed a creative way to keep the memory of your loved one alive and well as you search for ways to cope with your unfortunate loss.

Flowers Forever offers you hand-made memorial jewelry that you will be able to cherish for years to come. With our artists unique ability to take the flowers that your loved one once called their favorite and turn it into a piece of jewelry that will be able to hang close to your heart forever, you will no longer need to search for ways to keep them close to you.

In times like these it is incredibly difficult to not be swept away by the grief that you are sure to be feeling and whatever sense of comfort you can find you tend to latch onto. With Flowers Forever you will be able to have a tangible way of feeling that comfort. From our custom made beads that can be used for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or even rings to different layouts and options for you to personally design your own settings, there are so many different ways to keep the memories alive.

We aim to give those grieving a sense of hope that with all of this sadness and pain, the ability to recall joyous memories will follow and a celebration of life in the wake of an unfortunate death will be able to help the healing process. For many of our customers, they turn to our different kinds of pendants. The beautiful designs as well as the color that is added when the flowers are fused into the jewelry makes for such a wonderful keepsake. On top of the beauty that is the necklace, it also will hang right over your heart, as a constant reminder that although your loved one may not be with you physically, they will always be close by at heart. From our golden plated tear drop pendant to the leather and pearl necklace, we have many options to choose from, ensuring that you find the right kind for you.

We understand that these times are difficult and that you may not be ready right away to part with the flowers and have them rejuvenated into a keepsake. If this is the case, and you choose to press them in a book, as long as they are not moldy, Flowers Forever will still be able to turn your flowers into memorial jewelry, restoring them back to their beautiful luster regardless of it’s been two days or two years. For more information on flower restoration please click here, or send us a message below!