Freeze Dried FAQ

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For these styles of preservation, we accept walk-ins only.

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Will my flowers change in color after preservation?

Yes, when moisture is extracted from flowers some colors will intensify and some will soften. White flowers will dry with a cream tone, while reddish tone flowers will darken. The age and conditions of your flowers will also take a part on the overall look of your final product.

Will I see any shedding after my flowers are dried?

Some shedding is natural overtime. Small freeze-dried filler flowers (like hydrangea, baby’s breath, golden rod and similar flowers) will shed more often. When you pick up your design clear instructions on how to care for your design will be supplied. Pressed flowers being firmly pressed between a mat and glass will rarely shed.

Do I have to select a keepsake container or frame the same size as my bouquet or flowers?

We can create a smaller version of your bouquet or floral design in any size you select (in a 5x7 or 8x10 we cannot create a bouquet resemblance).

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