Flower Jewelry

Flowers Forever has been in the flower preservation business for over two decades.  When owner Cristina Segarra began in 1994 she was the only employee preserving wedding bouquets.  Now, 20 years later we have a fully staffed brick and mortar store in Columbia, South Carolina and a website that allows us to serve clients all across the globe.

With the addition of Bellabeads, we began to create beautiful jewelry using our customer’s flowers.  Every order is handcrafted on site by our team of 5 skilled artisan jewelers and is completely one of a kind.  Our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and personal relationship with our customers is what has allowed us to become a successful and reputable company.

Fresh Flower Jewelry

Using our special freeze-dry technique, we can use your flowers from a wedding day, holy communion, graduation, anniversary, father’s/mother’s day, birthday, memorial, funeral, bar/bat mitzvah, baptism, quinceañera, or any other special occasion to  make the perfect flower jewelry to wear or give as a gift to a special friend.

Flower Restoration Jewelry

If you didn’t have a chance to get your flowers turned into jewelry while they were fresh, don’t worry!  Our team has developed a technique that restores and recolors withered petals into their original splendor.

Cremation Ash Flower Jewelry

If you would like to commemorate the life of a loved one by making cremation ash jewelry, we can make a lovely one of a kind keepsake to honor them.  Some of the most beautiful pieces we have made come from a funeral bouquet and cremation ashes of a loved one.