Floral Preservation Checklist

A Bridal Recommendation: Choose a "Bouquet Babysitter" to take care of the

wedding bouquet during/after the wedding!


The Wedding

That night/the next morning:

  • Cut the stems from the base of the stem 1/2 inch up at a slant (this allows for more water absorption)
  • Place in cool water
  • Store in a cool, dark place, a refrigerator (bottom shelf) is recommended.

*Keep away from the freezer/ensure the bottom shelf is not too cold


Deliver to Flowers Forever as soon as possible

(2769 Rosewood Dr. Columbia, SC 29205)


Upon delivery, the Flowers Forever Team needs:

  1. The preservation style the bride would like

(Options: Pressed, Freeze Dried/3-Dimensional, Flower petal monogram or jewelry.)

  1. The general frame/design size the bride would like.
  2. A $150.00 non refundable deposit to be placed to start the preservation process. This allows the bride and groom 3 weeks to then schedule a follow up design appointment where they will choose their frame and mat. *Please note- completion dates will not be given for any design until it has been paid in full.

To finalize the order:

Please call the Flowers Forever Team to schedule the design appointment. This final step will be your chance to sit with the designer and pick out your frame, mat, and final design touches!

Office Phone number: 803-779-6186

Or email us as: MyFlowersForever@gmail.com

Local Drop Off Form

Congratulations and we can not wait to work with you and your lovely flowers!

  • The Flowers Forever Team