Dog Remembrance Jewelry

When we experience the loss of our pet, the depth of love we felt for them becomes clear. We realize how much our furry friend meant to us, and how much we will miss them in our daily lives.

You may be going through any of the stages of grief when your pet is gone. At first it will seem like a shock, even if the passing was inevitable in the case of sickness or age. You may wish you had taken your dog to a better vet, or had been able to make him more comfortable in his final days. You will want to get a new puppy, but the thought of replacing your old friend will be almost unbearable. It takes time to heal, and to celebrate the life shared rather than grieve what was lost.

You have multiple options for caring for your dog after he or she passes. Many people simply bury their pet in the backyard, but you could also look into community pet cemeteries and cremations. With these options, you have a couple of extra days to prepare. You can plan a small ceremony, and decide what you wish to do with any remains or ashes.

We encourage owners to find new ways in which they can celebrate their dogs’ companionship. Flowers Forever has offered memorial jewelry to our customers for a long time, and we recently added a line of pet remembrance jewelry to our store. We offer not just pet pendants, but handcrafted beads made from your pet’s own ashes or hair.

Our artists will create a mold from the ashes or hair once it has been processed.The next steps involve creating your pendant to fit perfectly, and adding a unique touch that will always remind you of your beloved dog. You can shop from or selection of styles, including our personalized dog bone necklace, a customer favorite.

Grieving takes time, but moving on doesn’t mean you’ll ever forget your dog. You will share fond memories of him or her forever, which is why a necklace around your heart is a perfect way to cherish the times you had together. The friendship with a dog is like no other. Even when you say goodbye, there will always be a special place for them in your heart.

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