Dog Memorial Necklace

You’ve prepared for the day, but it still shocks the system. How could the friend that’s been with you everyday suddenly disappear? When your dog passes, having a clear mind or a happy day feels almost impossible. His wagging tail, her sweet and adoring face, are all you can think about. We know that, we understand that, because we’ve all been there.

The loss of a pet hurts anyone. As you grieve you may wonder, “How could a dog have such a huge impact on my life?” But no one could ever replace the unconditional love of your pet. Anyone who's owned a dog can say that their friendship acts as a barrier of stability and comfort to the fears of the outside world.

Christina Segarra, our founder, has kept dogs all her life. Her two current pets, Chloe and Chichi, meant the world to her and they stay in the office to bring smiles to our customers. But the thought of losing them is unbearable to her, and to our office staff. Pets don’t live forever, but the lasting memory of their gentleness will always remain in our hearts.

Keep that memory by your side, around your heart, with a dog memorial necklace. Our silver pendants can be handcrafted from your dog’s ashes or hair, so you can keep a piece of their memory with you forever. Just like our other memorial jewelry, this pet-inspired pendant commemorates the unique memories you and your dog shares throughout the years.

Life’s tragedies always teach us something. Flowers Forever offers our services not only to help people grieve their losses, but to allow us to celebrate the lessons we gain from pet ownership. The next puppy in your life will remind you of all the silly habits your former pet had, and you’ll learn to appreciate the time you have with them even more. But you don’t have to let go of the love you had, or the grief you have now.

If you’ve never bought a piece of memorial jewelry, visit our FAQs page. Here you’ll learn about our process, what we need from you to make that special pendant, and how to care for the piece so it lasts a lifetime. We are happy to answer any further questions, if you email or fill out our contact form.

We send warm regards to you at this time, and hope that Flowers Forever can help you find the perfect way to celebrate your dog’s cherished life.