Cat Urn Necklace

You just lost the life of your cat, a precious loved one whose companionship meant more to you than you ever expected. We never know what an influence our cats have on us until we must say goodbye. Only then do we know the true depth of affection we have for the furry friends in our lives.

It’s normal to grieve the loss of your cat as you would any other loved one. At first, you don't know how to feel. You may think, “It’s silly to be this upset over one cat,” but it isn’t. Like people, our pets become close friends with who we share our lives, and create lasting memories. At first you may look at their favorite spot by the window or some of their old toys and feel an enduring heartache, but in time these things will bring back the happy memories too.

One way to go through the process is to have your cat cremated. This can be less painful on the family, when you do not have to bury the cat yourself. Many pet owners prefer cremation if their pet lived indoors with them. It seems so unnatural to have a house cat buried in the backyard. Some prefer to keep the ashes in a traditional urn, while others want to have their cat closer to the heart in their daily lives.

Flowers Forever created a unique combination of keeping pets close to their owners’ hearts, with our special pet memorial jewelry. Like our flower beads, the pet memorial necklaces take ashes from your cat, turning them into a colorful bead. Our pendants reflect the individuality of your cat. No one else will have a piece of jewelry just like yours, just like no one could ever replace the love you had for your cat.

Once you choose a necklace style, we will walk you through the process to ship your cat’s ashes to our office. Then, our artists and jewelers will work together to create the unique bead that commemorates your beloved cat. Between 8 and 10 weeks, a one-of-a-kind necklace of bronze or sterling silver will come right to your door.

If you have any problems or questions when placing an order, feel free to contact us. One of our staff members will reach you and solve any issue, or guide you through the process of turning ashes from your urn into a wearable memory of your pet. Each of our team members is professionally trained and has years of experience with Flowers Forever.

Our company has helped commemorate life’s precious moments for over twenty years. Even if you’re still in pain over the loss of your pet, their life was precious to you. Celebrate your companion with an everlasting necklace from Flowers Forever.