Care and Delivery

For these styles of preservation, we accept walk-ins only.

CARE AND DELIVERY for Freeze dried and or Victorian Pressed preservation (For these styles of preservation we accept walk-ins only. If you need to mail your flowers we offer Bellabeads- flower petal jewelry preservation)



 For best results deliver your bouquet or flowers as soon as possible after your event.

  • If your flowers have visible stems, trim about 1 inch off the ends and place them in a vase of cool water.
  • For flowers in a bouquet holder, place the bouquet over a sink and pour a small amount of cool water into the holder’s center.
  • Refrigerate or store in a cool place until you are ready to deliver them to us. Keep your flowers towards the front of the refrigerator on the bottom shelf.


  1. Contact Information

Provide information for the person responsible for making design selections.

  1. Style of Preservation

The style of preservation you prefer; Victorian pressed, freeze dried (three dimensional) or flower petal monogram. We cannot accept flowers without this information.

  1. Size Selection

The approximate size desired for the completed keepsake (can be determinate once you arrive at our store). Floral preservation is labor intensive; the estimated size will allow us to dry enough flowers to complete your final order. You final size selection can vary one size up or down only. (If you decide to change the final size; ex. from a 16x20 to a 5x7 your initial deposit will be applied to the time spent in drying additional flowers that will not be used and cannot be deducted from your final purchase).

  1. Deposit

If you are not able to select your floral keepsake display when you deliver the flowers; we require a 50% non-refundable deposit per bouquet. This deposit is deducted from your total purchase. The deposit covers the initial steps of floral preservation: photography of your flowers, complete flower inventory, bouquet disassembly and initial steps to start the preservation of your flowers one at a time. Your full deposit is deducted from the total purchase.

  1. Display Selection

Your floral keepsake display selection must be made within 3 weeks from the date we receive your flowers for preservation. One of our designers will help you make your final keepsake selections (frame, size, mat color, dome, etc.). Appointments to meet with a designer are required. If you are not able to make a selection within the time specified, call to arrange long term storage for your flowers (up to 6 months). 

      5. Drop Off Form

Print, fill out and bring this form at drop off. Click here: Local Drop Off Form


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