Bereavement Stones

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we will ever have to go through in our lives. During this time many people turn to faith and friendship as ways to express their grief. They spend time reminiscing about the good days and all of the happy memories that they shared with their dearly departed loved one and spend much of the time learning how to move from using present tense to past tense.

Often times people turn to their faith for comfort. They spend more time in church and praying for those who are still alive and for those who have passed on, hoping their souls have found peace. They turn to a family of people who may not know exactly what they are enduring, but still are there to support and guide them through this trying time. They sometimes even have bereavement stones made in order to commemorate the passing of their loved one.

Finding healthy ways to deal with tragic situations isn’t easy and during this time it is best to surround yourself with things that remind you of happier days and positive people who will be there for you to lean on. As you are spending time reminiscing on the better days you may find it easier to hold those memories close by having a physical object to attach them to. That is where Flowers Forever would love to assist you.

Here at Flowers Forever, we aim to give our clients the best piece of memorial jewelry that fits their specific needs. Whether you choose a necklace that will dangle close to your heart or a ring that will keep you feeling grounded and secure, we offer many different options for you to choose from. Memorial jewelry has been around for years and while it may seem outside of the box, it is a wonderful way to personalize a keepsake.

With our amazing artists at hand, we can take flowers that you have personally chosen and infuse them into the beading and stones that are used to craft your piece of memorial jewelry. This takes a beautiful keepsake and makes it that much more personal to you and your loved ones. Instead of having something that isn’t specific to you, your piece of jewelry will be entirely original and unique to whatever flower petals you choose to use for the beading.

We hope that by offering you this special way of keeping your late loved one close it will help you to continue to find healthy ways to grieve during this time of loss and pain. For more information about keepsake jewelry and where to send in your flowers, please click here.

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