Bereavement Resources

In the wake of a loved one’s death, it is often times very difficult to find any sense of comfort in the life that surrounds you. You find yourself constantly asking questions and wondering if anything could have been done differently to prolong their life. You being to think back on all of the memories you’ve made with them and can’t help but become sad about the memories you won’t get the chance to make. All of this is very normal in the grieving processes.

Throughout this time is it not unusual to seek out help and support from a number of different bereavement resources. Many people turn to their faith and prayer to help them through this difficult time, leaning on those who believe in the same things as them for strength. Others will turn more towards family and friends, reminiscing on the good times and talking about everything their feeling with the people who know them best and love them most. Another resource could be attending counseling meetings where you express yourself to someone who can provide you with different tools and ways of healthily grieving your loss.

All of these are wonderful ways to being to find a healthy way of moving on after the passing of someone you loved. Nothing truly can make it easier, however with the help of those around you, you will be able to learn to cope and remember the good times when you’re feeling saddest.  Another way of holding the good memories close to your heart forever more is by creating memorial jewelry with Flowers Forever. Here at Flowers Forever we offer you a number of options that will commemorate the memory of your passed on loved one for years to come.

From pendants that will hang over your heart, to rings that will be a constant reminder of the good times, we have no shortage of designs and ways for you to remember your loved one. With a simple process in terms of ordering, your most difficult part will be choosing the right piece of jewelry and deciding which flowers to send in. Whichever flowers you choose will be infused right into the beads and stones used to create your piece of memorial jewelry, personalizing it that much more.

For more information on memorial jewelry and to learn how you can place your order today, feel free to visit us on our website at and continue your healthy grieving process. We know that during this time all may seem lost, but we hope to provide you with some sort of comfort and guidance by way of preserving the memory of your loved one in your heart and life forever more.

If you have any questions about bereavement, or feel like you need someone to talk to, please feel free to call us at (888) 684-3837, or send us a message below.