Resin Astrid Pendant

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$105.00 USD
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Your flower petals/ashes or other materials are combined with resin and set in this sterling silver rectangle pendant. 

Size: 16 mm from top to bottom including the attached bail and with embellishments it measures 36 mm. 

COLORS: The color of your pendant is determined by the color of your flower petals. 

FLOWERS: This item requires 4-5 petals. We keep your petals up to 4 weeks for any re-orders. We do not return any flowers. 

MATERIALS: We can use hair, fur, and or ashes. We need just a few clippings. If you are sending ashes, we need 1/2 teaspoon (ashes not used will be returned along with your completed order).

Please be aware; that the look and color of your flowers preserved in resin will depend on the age and condition of your flowers when we receive them. We will dry your flowers soon as they arrive.

  • White flowers may dry cream or brown portraying a vintage look.
  • We will float your petals throughout the design. These loose petals are thin and sometimes seem spotted and translucent. This is a natural result of petals submerged in wet resin.¬†

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