Pet Memorial Oval Pendant

The color of your jewelry is determined by the color of your petals. We can combine up to three colors. The color you list here will be the main color featured in your bead.
List the 2 colors you want swirled in here. If no color is specified our designers will choose for you. If you only want 1 color, leave this blank.

Pet memorial jewelry is handmade with your pet’s hair and/or ashes. We create beautiful Bellabeads to match your pet’s coat colors. A memorial gift for yourself or to give as a gift in memory of a beloved pet. 

A handmade Bellabead is set into this 18 x 25 mm sterling silver oval pendant detailed with a beaded border and attached bail. 

The color of your pendant will depend on the colors you select. We can combine up to three colors in one bead. You must include a picture to match the color of your pet's coat. 

We can create a bead with your pet’s coat and/or ashes.

Other information:
For this pendant we need just a few clippings and/or half a teaspoon of ashes. Place in an envelope and mail along with your order form and pet’s picture. If you have questions please call us at 888-684-3837. 

If you are sending ashes, we need 1/2 teaspoon (ashes not used will be returned along with your completed order). 

This pendant is sold with a 16 inch chain. Upgrade to 18", 20" or 24” by making your selection at checkout. 


-We now offer pet memorial beads. Place your order and then call us at one of the numbers below if you have any questions or need mailing instructions. 

-Print and send along with your items an ORDER FORM

- Place pet’s clippings and/or ashes in separate Ziploc bags and using an appropriately sized mailer envelope mail them to:

Flowers Forever, 2769 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, SC 29205

Toll free 888-684-3837 or South Carolina local 803-779-6186