Flower Petal Resin Initials Small

DESCRIPTION: Made with YOUR flower petals. Please be aware that when drying flowers there may be some change in color. Each initial is handmade and a few air bubbles can be trapped in the resin, however this makes it more of an original piece. No two are the same! A-Z alphabet is available for purchase. Buy multiple letters & save up to $325.

SIZE: Approximately 5.5 cm(L) x 3 cm-5 cm(W) x 2.5 cm(Deep) or 2.1"x(1.5-2.1)"x 1"  

COLORS: Please be aware that when drying flowers there may be some change in color. 

PLEASE NOTE: The letters F, P and J are not free standing but can be secured on your surface with a bit sticky tack.

OTHER INFORMATION: This item requires 5-6 whole blooms . Greenery, small flowers and loose stems encouraged. 


How to Ship Your Flowers & Materials:  Click Here

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Specify the color of your flower petals and/or colors you'd like added for ashes, hair/fur and other materials.
Leave any additional notes here. If no specifications, our DESIGNERS WILL MAKE A CHOICE FOR YOU.
If needed, attach any pictures of flower petals

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