Resin Charm Bead

Specify the color of your flower petals and/or colors you'd like added for ashes, hair/fur and other materials.
Leave any additional notes here. If no specifications, our DESIGNERS WILL MAKE A CHOICE FOR YOU.
If needed, attach any pictures of pets, flower petals, color matches, etc.

Type: Bead

Description Handmade custom resin charm beads. The grommet is sterling silver and has a 6 mm opening. This is made with YOUR flower petals, ashes, fur or other materials. Please be aware that when drying flowers there may be some change in color. Each charm bead is handmade and a few air bubbles can be trapped in the resin, however this makes it more of an original piece. No two are the same!   

Size: 15 mm wide, 8 mm tall with a 6.5 mm center 

Colors: The color of your bead will depend on the color of your flower petals/ashes or other materials. 

Other Information: This item requires 2-3 whole petals/blooms. Greenery, small flowers and loose stems encouraged.  

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