Pet Memorial Emme Earrings

Designer: Flowers Forever/ Bellabeads

$64.95 USD
one color
2-3 swirled
Gold or Silver
Specify the color/colors you'd like added to your design. We can add up to 3 colors.
Leave any additional notes here. If no specifications, our DESIGNERS WILL MAKE A CHOICE FOR YOU.
If needed, attach any pictures of pets, flower petals, color matches, etc.
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Handmade Bellabeads are set in these petite 12 X 10 filigree earrings. Your choice of bronze yellow gold plated or sterling silver. Make your choice at checkout. 

The color of your bead will depend on the colors you select (fur, eye color, collar colors, favorite blanket, etc.) We can combine up to three colors in one bead. To match your pet’s coat you please attach a picture of your pet and specify your color selection in the specification note section. 

We can use hair, fur, and or ashes. We need just a few clippings. If you are sending ashes, we need 1/2 teaspoon (ashes & fur not used will be returned along with your completed order).    


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