What Our Pets Do For Us

What our pets do for us

Loss of our furry friends There is no proper way to cope after the loss of a pet. Our pets seem to become everything we need in our lives the... Read More

How to heal after losing a loved one

How we can help you heal after losing a loved one. After a loved one passes away, we are only left with memories to treasure. We remember each day we... Read More
How To Heal After Losing A Love One
Peonies Or Garden Roses

Peonies or Garden Roses?

Let's talk about Peonies, Ranunculus & Garden Roses!     This one is directed towards all the amazing "brides to be" out there! Those ladies who are all searching for the elusive... Read More

Shipping your flower petals!

It is very important to take great care in shipping your delicate flower petals. With the custom jewelry we create for you or for someone special, we look for the best quality... Read More
Shipping Your Flower Petals
How I Transitioned From Flower Preservation To Flower Petal Jewelry

How I Transitioned From Flower Preservation to Flower Petal Jewelry

When I first started this business, in 1994, it was a wonderful way for me to express my passion for flowers and art. At that time, I was exclusively preserving... Read More