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Why Wear Cremation Jewelry?

Why Wear Cremation Jewelry?

When a loved one passes away, cremation jewelry can be a way of keeping them close to your heart. In the past, we were not given such an opportunity to... Read More

4 Tips for Engaged Couples Planning a Wedding

1. Be Selective Similar to the age old saying “choose your battles,” this too should apply to planning your wedding. Weddings are costly, be choosy about the few things you... Read More
4 Tips For Engaged Couples Planning A Wedding
5 Ideas For A Fun Wedding Reception

5 Ideas for a Fun Wedding Reception

1. Make It Personal At some point along this wedding planning journey you’ve probably heard the term “cookie cutter.” It essentially means the same as everyone else, which most brides... Read More

5 Reasons You Should Renew Your Vows

1. Celebrating an Anniversary What better way to celebrate a landmark anniversary like ten or 20 years than a vow renewal? Not only is it an achievement in today’s society... Read More
5 Reasons You Should Renew Your Vows
4 Ways To Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

4 Ways to Keep your Bridesmaids Happy

1. Let Them Wear Something Comfortable Not only comfortable in a physical sense but in a way that they are comfortable in their own skin. Many brides choose to let... Read More

6 Modern Wedding Ideas

1. Minimalist Decor Well this is awesome news! It is rare that you will hear about a wedding trend that will save you money so take this one into consideration.... Read More
6 Modern Wedding Ideas
4 Ideas For Bridesmaids Gifts

4 Ideas for Bridesmaids Gifts

1. Something to Save Them Money It is definitely not the easiest to cater to one woman’s needs let alone a handful but if you can’t avoid asking your party... Read More

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

1. Know What You Want...but be realistic It is definitely a good plan to have at least an idea of what you want (pictures are great) when you go to... Read More
5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Bridal Bouquet
5 Wedding Flower And Bouquet Ideas

5 Wedding Flower and Bouquet Ideas

1. Use Your Bouquet as Your “Something Blue” You have the fun choice of not having to match anyone else and this doesn’t have to just mean your dress but... Read More