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Wedding Wonders

Your wedding day is quite simply a canonical moment of your life. It is a huge celebration with all those you care about, showing them –and most importantly the person you want to spend the rest of your life with – your commitment and love. You spend months or even years working together on every detail to ensure your special day is completely and utterly perfect. Then come to giving the person you have shared all of this with a gift to memorialize this day. How can you find something that is sentimental, thoughtful and different that can immortalize and mark such an important occasion? The same goes for those who want to buy gifts for your son/daughter/best friends/siblings.  What present can you give that shows your love and that they can treasure for eternity?

Anniversary Ideas

Anniversaries are moments in time where you can show your continued love and respect for partner. It can be difficult to choose a gift which fully encompasses all the emotions you have for that person.  You want it to be special, you want them to understand the depth of your feelings and the gratitude you feel. But what kind of item can you give?

Forever Flowers – A Unique Approach

Flowers can hold within them so much meaning, as well as being beautiful examples of Mother Nature. A wedding bouquet, the roses your partner has lovingly tended to in your garden, their favorite flowers are all prime example of this. Being able to preserve them in an ingenious and aesthetically beautiful manner makes for a truly impressive gift, perfect for a wedding or anniversary –or any other occasion for that matter! Let’s take a look at some of the options to choose from:

  1. Jewelry

We often give jewelry to our loved ones to show just how much they mean to us. Now, jewelers have created a way to infuse flowers into exquisite item of jewelry by the way of ingeniously combining the petals with glass. The hues of your wedding bouquet can be gracefully worked into any number of items to create a magnificent gift. There are numerous styles available, here are a few examples:

  • A personalized heart pendant necklace
  • A delicate stone set within a ring
  • A pearl and petal bracelet
  • An engraved Mr. and Mrs. bracelet
  • A pair of bespoke cufflinks

      2. A Stylized Freeze Dried Floral Display

You can now preserve your bouquet exactly as it was on your wedding day by having the flowers freeze dried. This process allows for the flowers to retain their form completely, creating a beautiful display that makes for a truly thoughtful gift for your partner. You can even include pictures or text within the frame to further show your love.

     3. Victorian Pressed Flowers

Another wonderful gift idea for weddings and anniversaries is to have flowers pressed in the long-celebrated Victorian style. The petals are delicately pressed to produce a stunning display that exudes class and beauty.

If you want to learn more about bespoke wedding and anniversary gifts, visit the My Flowers Forever Jewelry website to search the entire range.  

Cristina Segarra
Cristina Segarra


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