Urns for Ashes or Jewelry for Ashes?

Coping with losing a loved one is such a difficult and trying time. Not only do you have to organize the funeral and the memorial, you are still handling the feelings off grief, sorrow and heartache from the bereavement. It is a lot for anyone to deal with. You have to make important decisions that perhaps you thought you would never have to do; such as what to do with your loved ones body.

This decision is extremely personal to you and your family, and you should always do what feels most comfortable and right for you. Burial used to be the most common way to memorialize our loved ones, providing a location to return to when needed for quiet contemplation. During recent times, more and more people are choosing the option of cremating our loved ones. This process means we are left with the ashes and a decision as to what is the best way to commemorate them.

There are many options when it comes to deciding what to do with the ashes of our loved one, and again this choice is completely personal to you and your family – and of course the wishes of those who have passed if you have had that opportunity. Ashes can be kept in a specialist urn, to be kept in your home or to be scattered at a location of your choice. Ashes can also be homed in a columbarium along with other urns or buried in a plot – obviously of a smaller size than a traditional plot.

A more personal and unique option that is growing in popularity is to use ashes to create an item of custom-made jewelry. If you choose this alternative, the ashes of your loved one can be transformed into something which you can take with you wherever you go, and be a gentle reminder and token of your love for those who have passed away. This can be anything from a delicate bracelet with handcrafted charms to an elegant bespoke tree of life pendant. The ashes can be carefully merged with flower petals of your choice; perhaps from the memorial service of from their favorite flower. You also only need a small amount of ashes to produce such pieces, meaning you and your family are still able to scatter or bury your loved one if wanted.  

The result is the most personal piece of jewelry you can have or receive; a part of the person you have lost to keep with you for always and to pass onto the next generation. This can keep that persons memory alive more than a burial plot ever could.

Cristina Segarra
Cristina Segarra


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