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4 Tips For Engaged Couples Planning A Wedding

4 Tips for Engaged Couples Planning a Wedding

1. Be Selective Similar to the age old saying “choose your battles,” this too should apply to planning your wedding. Weddings are costly, be choosy about the few things you... Read More

4 Great Color Combinations for Weddings

1. Lavender and Green This dusty hue of purple along with rich bold greenery is a beautiful and unique twist to the ever popular “rustic” trend. Adding some darker shades... Read More
4 Great Color Combinations For Weddings
Planning A Wedding? Be Sure To Save Your Flowers

Planning a Wedding? Be Sure To Save Your Flowers

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a bride on her wedding day. Walking down the aisle, with flowers in her hand and love in her heart - there is... Read More

3 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

When it comes to the most important days of your life, you’ll want to relive them over and over. Creating memories that last a lifetime is the easy part, when... Read More
3 Most Popular Wedding Flowers
Different Types Of Memorial Jewelry

Different types of memorial jewelry

In the wake of losing a loved one it can feel as though all is lost. As human beings learning to cope with death is one of the hardest things... Read More

Pet memorial Jewelry

During our lives we tend to surround ourselves with what makes us happiest. So, what do we do when one of the happiest aspects of our lives passes away? Finding... Read More
Pet Memorial Jewelry
 By Invitation Only- Event And Wedding Planning

By Invitation Only- Event and Wedding Planning

 Picking a wedding planner, just like picking the venue, can be a daunting task. In South Carolina a beautiful little business has taken root over the past ten years and... Read More