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5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

1. Know What You Want...but be realistic It is definitely a good plan to have at least an idea of what you want (pictures are great) when you go to... Read More

5 Wedding Flower and Bouquet Ideas

1. Use Your Bouquet as Your “Something Blue” You have the fun choice of not having to match anyone else and this doesn’t have to just mean your dress but... Read More
5 Wedding Flower And Bouquet Ideas
3 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

3 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

When it comes to the most important days of your life, you’ll want to relive them over and over. Creating memories that last a lifetime is the easy part, when... Read More

Preserving Springtime Flowers

Spring is a time of new beginnings. This is represented most prominently in nature with the emergence of fresh life. The entire palette of a garden is in stark contrast... Read More
Preserving Springtime Flowers
Interview With Cristina

Interview with Cristina

We sat down with our founder Cristina for an interview to talk about how she started Flowers Forever.   What is your name? Cristina Segarra   What is your official... Read More

Peonies or Garden Roses?

Let's talk about Peonies, Ranunculus & Garden Roses!     This one is directed towards all the amazing "brides to be" out there! Those ladies who are all searching for the elusive... Read More
Peonies Or Garden Roses