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To My Furry Family Member

To My Furry Family Member,

You were with me from the day you were old enough to leave your litter and mother. I nursed you and took you to get vaccinated. I was appalled at... Read More

6 Options for Cremation Ashes

Saying goodbye to the ones closest to us is a trying and emotional time for anyone. The funeral arrangements and the memorial can be stressful to organize whilst still coping... Read More
6 Options For Cremation Ashes
Cremation For Pets

Cremation for Pets

The loss of a pet can be just as hard as any other bereavement. Your pet is not just an animal; he or she is an intelligent, loving creature who... Read More

Preserving Springtime Flowers

Spring is a time of new beginnings. This is represented most prominently in nature with the emergence of fresh life. The entire palette of a garden is in stark contrast... Read More
Preserving Springtime Flowers
Should I Insure My Jewelry?

Should I Insure my Jewelry?

When it comes to certain things in your life, such as your health, your home, your car, you’re always encouraged to insure yourself against any misfortunes that may arise. Life... Read More

Should you Get Your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned?

Our jewelry can often mean so much more than just the material it is constructed from. It can be a thoughtful gift, an heirloom passed down from a loved one,... Read More
Should You Get Your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned?
How To Get Tarnish Off Of Your Gold Jewelry

How to get Tarnish off of your Gold Jewelry

When you have a piece of well-loved jewelry, sometimes you can overlook its maintenance. Not to say that you don’t care for its upkeep, it is just that you love... Read More

How to get Tarnish off of your Silver Jewelry

  Have you noticed your most dearly loved pair of silver earrings beginning to lose their shine? Or perhaps your favorite silver necklace appears to have become dull…well no need... Read More
How To Get Tarnish Off Of Your Silver Jewelry
Create A Family Heirloom With Your Memorial Jewelry

Create a Family Heirloom with your Memorial Jewelry

Creating a piece of memorial jewelry is an incredibly personal and sentimental process. Who better to share and continue this tradition with than the people you love the most, your... Read More

Top Tips on Caring for your Jewelry

Of course one of the main reasons we choose jewelry is its aesthetic value – but that is certainly not the only one. Jewelry is an expression of your personality;... Read More
Top Tips On Caring For Your Jewelry