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Planning A Wedding? Be Sure To Save Your Flowers

Planning a Wedding? Be Sure To Save Your Flowers

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a bride on her wedding day. Walking down the aisle, with flowers in her hand and love in her heart - there is... Read More

Flower Preservation Techniques

Flower preservation is one of the oldest art forms in our culture. Flowers have always been used to decorate homes, as they represent a unique beauty unlike no other. Depending... Read More
Flower Preservation Techniques
The Meaning Behind Memorial Jewelry

The Meaning behind Memorial Jewelry

  Memorial jewelry has grown in popularity immeasurably of late, and with good reason. There is no gift that could be more personal than a piece of jewelry which encapsulates... Read More

Interview with Cristina

We sat down with our founder Cristina for an interview to talk about how she started Flowers Forever.   What is your name? Cristina Segarra   What is your official... Read More
Interview With Cristina
Pet Cremation - Memorializing Your Lost Pets

Pet Cremation - Memorializing Your Lost Pets

Here at Flowers Forever we understand the bond that pets and their owners have. The unwavering love that a pet and owner share is one that could never be replaced... Read More

Different types of flower petal jewelry

Finding unique and personal ways of commemorating moments in our lives that mean a great deal to us can be a difficult task. Not only are we taxed with the... Read More
Different Types Of Flower Petal Jewelry
Gifts For Loved Ones

Gifts for loved ones

Throughout our lives we will have many moments that we hope we will never forget, and many others that we may want to forget but will always have to remember.... Read More

Different types of memorial jewelry

In the wake of losing a loved one it can feel as though all is lost. As human beings learning to cope with death is one of the hardest things... Read More
Different Types Of Memorial Jewelry
Pet Memorial Jewelry

Pet memorial Jewelry

During our lives we tend to surround ourselves with what makes us happiest. So, what do we do when one of the happiest aspects of our lives passes away? Finding... Read More

Why would you buy memorial jewelry?

Throughout your life you spend each day accumulating new memories, some of which stand out more than others. Whether you’re experiencing a major mile stone in your life such as... Read More
 Why Would You Buy Memorial Jewelry?