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Different Types Of Memorial Jewelry

Different types of memorial jewelry

In the wake of losing a loved one it can feel as though all is lost. As human beings learning to cope with death is one of the hardest things... Read More

Pet memorial Jewelry

During our lives we tend to surround ourselves with what makes us happiest. So, what do we do when one of the happiest aspects of our lives passes away? Finding... Read More
Pet Memorial Jewelry
 Why Would You Buy Memorial Jewelry?

Why would you buy memorial jewelry?

Throughout your life you spend each day accumulating new memories, some of which stand out more than others. Whether you’re experiencing a major mile stone in your life such as... Read More

What important events inspire our jewelry?

Life is composed of little moments. Bits of time during which we make connections, fall in love, accomplish a goal, lose someone who meant the world to us, and many... Read More
What Important Events Inspire Our Jewelry?
Wedding Wednesday- Featuring Something Special

Wedding Wednesday- Featuring Something Special

    Planning for your big day can be a daunting task. With hundreds of choices to make and details to piece together, the list can seem endless. But, let’s... Read More