Season of the Rose

As you walk through gardens decorated with beautiful flowers differing in color and type, you’re amazed that nature can create something so aesthetically pleasing. From something that starts from a single seed, there is so much beauty in the process of growing a flower. Your eyes gaze towards the variations of whites and yellows embodied by each type of flower. Although you may be unsure of the names of the flowers in your presence, there is one that you recognize immediately. With no question, no hesitation, and no second thought, you know for sure that you have just stumbled upon a red rose.

June is National Rose Month and we are so excited about this because at My Flowers Forever, the red rose is our most popular flower. Because of the messages they convey, there seems to be an obsession with roses everywhere. When you see red roses, it’s the illustrious universal symbol for beauty or love. White roses symbolize purity and charm while pink roses symbolize grace and admiration. While these are only the meanings of three different rose colors, the list goes on and on.

From weddings, to birthdays, to just showing your love for someone, roses are used on dozens of occasions. The authenticity and beauty of a rose is breathtaking when you really give thought to it. What better way to celebrate National Rose Month than to get your roses from your special event preserved?

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