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Here at Flowers Forever we have a cozy group of people that love what they do and hope to help you preserve your memories in the way that you find will fit you best. Here is some information about the people responsible for turning your memories into lifelong keepsakes; meet our team:

Cristina is the owner, designer and creator of Flowers Forever: Bellabeads and proud mother of three daughters. Not only did she bravely take on the challenge of running a business, but she also has a hand in the daily creation of different pieces of memorial keepsake jewelry. While speaking fluent Spanish, she is half Peruvian and half Polish. For Cristina, her job is more like a favorite pass time that she gets to make her livelihood from. Not only does she keep up and is part of the day to day operation, but she loves what she does as well.

Corey is our preservation specialist and another designer. He handles all of the flowers that are sent in and finds ways of keeping them preserved so that each piece of jewelry’s is infused with the rich color that would be coming from a freshly picked flower. Besides being a preservation wizard, he’s enjoying all that comes with being a father as well as finishing up his PhD. in cognitive neuroscience.

Katie is our assistant and another one of our many talented designers. She’s originally from Columbia, South Carolina and lived in Portland for a period of time recently. Not only does she assist in the process of creating the Bellabeads jewelry, but she also is heavily involved in the preservation process as well as the arrangement of floral designs.

Jessie is the senior designer and shop manager at Flowers Forever. She has two B. F. A.’s in ceramic and glass art. Creating art is her passion and being able to use her talent to help others feel the same joy she feels when she is creating it is well worth the years of schooling. Jessie also creates many of the pressed flower designs, taking floral preservation to a whole new and artistic level.

Jessica is and assistant and designer with us at Flowers Forever. She is originally from Buffalo, New York and has been living in Columbia, South Carolina for the past two years. She has an educational background in communication and media arts she certainly adds an extra spark to the process of creating Bellabead jewelry and floral designs at Flowers Forever.

And last but not least are the shops sweet dogs, Chloe and ChiChi. Chloe’s job is to great the guests and she always fulfills her duties with an extra pep in her step and a friendly adorable face to make you feel even more welcome. ChiChi is in charge of making sure that the shop runs smoothly and with looks on her side, she’s able to keep everyone on task and focused on the customers.

Cristina Segarra
Cristina Segarra


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