Celtic Heart Necklace Flower Petal Jewelry

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things we will ever have to go through. Many people look to their faith as a way of grieving, some seek professional counseling, and some find solace in surrounding themselves by family. Here at Flowers Forever, we hope to help you during your healing process by way of providing you with a physical way of keeping your late loved one close to your heart.

Every culture handles death and loss in different ways. Some hold ceremonies while others spend time reminiscing and celebrating the wonderful life that was lived. Regardless of your choice in ways of grieving, we believe that our memorial jewelry made from flower petals, Celtic heart necklace pendant is one of the best ways to keep the memory of your loved one alive for the years to come.

Celtic Heart Necklace - Memorial Jewelry from Flowers - My Flowers Forever

The unique design of the pendant allows you to have whichever flower you choose to be infused into the background of the pendant with the design of the Celtic heart over top of it. This technique allows something that could be very common, to be extremely personal to you and your family specifically. With our talented artists working hard to hand craft each piece of jewelry, you can be assured that each pendant is made with love, time, and the care that you deserve when searching for memorial jewelry.

We hope to relieve you of some of your stress and instead give you something that will be able to hang over your heart as a reminder of the love that was shared with your lost loved one. Although these times are hard and there is much sadness surrounding it, this keepsake will give you a small sense of hope and reassurance that the memory of your loved one will not perish.

If you would like to begin the process of ordering your Celtic heart pendant from us here at Flowers Forever, please click here and continue to heal with our team at Flowers Forever, on your side.

Cristina Segarra
Cristina Segarra


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